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Hello! My name is Tim Luedtke, Owner and Creator and Manager of I Luv Lotto!

I Luv Lotto is a "mom and pop" website and game that allows for it's members to play for free and win real cash prizes.

A little about myself. I was born, raised and currently live in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, home of the Miracle Mile . I have been married to my lovely wife Melissa for 14 loooooong years now (hehehehe) and we have two sons Brock and Steele, who are your basic pain-in-the-butt boys. You know what I'm talking about.

I served in the Air Force from 1987 - 1991, being stationed at Altus, Oklahoma. Since 1996, I am lucky enough to say I have been an entrepreneur/self-employed. I have in the past owned businesses ranging from a Family Entertainment Center (indoor mini golf, video game room, pizza parlor etc..) to a old-time 8 lane Bowling Center with wood lanes in a small village. I currently own a vending business Vending for Vets and a concession business Sweet Wheels.

You may ask, how does any of this make me qualified to run a lottery type of website? Well, none of that does. But the following does :)

Back in 1996, I was the first person on the internet that came up with the concept of giving away a free lottery ticket in exchange for looking at a website. The website was Email-Lotto.com. To it's credit, Email-Lotto.com had been ranked in the Top 1% of all websites in popularity and traffic for many years and I had paid out thousands of dollars in cash prizes to it's winners.

In 2003, I also created two more websites Big Powerball Pool.com and Mega Ball Pool.com which were websites dedicated to organizing people into pools and giving them many more chances at winning a share of a BIG JACKPOT. Everything was great until 2006, when President Bush in his infinite wisdom, signed an online gambling law. Since then, I have been to court and back and had to legally prove that lotto websites like this are legal. I won my case and have a transcript of the court proceedings to prove it.

After taking a little time off (ok, it's been a few years) to pursue other business ventures, I have decided now is the pefect time to get things rolling along again!